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Agency Founder and Principal

Carrie (Williams) Freitas is a 34+ year PR & Marketing veteran who earned her stripes at large international public relations firms, including Golin, Edelman, Manning Selvage + Lee and GCI Group/Gray Advertising. There, she earned a stellar reputation for her strategic approach, exceptional writing and media relations chops, which she leveraged for clients including Nintendo, Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, Pepsi, Target Stores, Pizza Hut and Nestlé, among others. She founded Kitchen Table Marketing in 2010. Carrie lends strategic and creative muscle to all accounts and is passionate about giving back to her community. She hails from a family of newspaper publishers, journalists and marketing executives. Carrie is a native and current resident of Newport Beach, where she lives with her husband — her two wonderful, 20-something kids have flown the coop.

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