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These Long Beach Restaurants Have Reopened Or Are Reopening Soon

These Long Beach restaurants have reopened or are reopening soon

By Brian Addison | Long Beach Post | June 8, 2020

The 908

The 908 is a locally-owned mid-level dining spot that separates itself not only literally from Long Beach Exchange’s massively popular food hall, The Hangar—The 908 is its own space a few steps away from The Hangar—but it also offers an elevated deviation away from the more casual offerings that are offered in the food hall.


One of  Long Beach’s best spots for tacos (if not the best), patrons are sure to enjoy Ortega’s masterful creations stuffed inside the equally masterful tortillas created by Maria Barraza.

ReMix Kitchen Bar

Outside of Taco María, my meal at Mix Mix was the best I’ve had in Orange County.

So clearly I had to check out Chef Ross Pangilinan’s first Long Beach restaurant on its opening day—yup, they opened up during a pandemic, may the gods bless ‘em—and all I can say from this is that I hope it can stay around, especially with people able to experience his food the way it is intended to be served.

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